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Marcel Andre is an award-winning director, production designer, and fashion stylist from Luxembourg, residing in Los Angeles and New York City. Embracing a diverse array of artistic mediums, Marcel's creative vision extends far beyond the confines of traditional filmmaking. His passion for fashion and interior design serves as a catalyst for crafting intricate, multi-layered worlds distinguished by meticulous attention to detail and a keen sense of color.

Marcel has embarked on a dynamic journey, contributing his talents to a wide spectrum of projects, including feature films, TV series, music videos and commercial work. His impressive roster of collaborators includes renowned brands such as Nike, Disney, and TikTok, as well as esteemed artists like Nicki Minaj. Noteworthy achievements include his role as production designer for the critically acclaimed indie TV series "Middlehood" and "Namaste Bitches," and as art director for the highly anticipated feature film "The Mattachine Family," featuring Nico Tortorella and Emily Hampshire. Marcel's versatility shines through in his work as the production designer for the comedic gem "The Second Coming of John Cooper" set to premiere in 2025 and as set designer for the Lifetime film "Secret Love Triangle."

Marcel's creative prowess reached new heights with the completion of his film, "Bread and Circuses," which garnered over 21 prestigious awards, including Best Director, Best Production Design, and Best Short Film. His film is expected to premiere in the Spring of 2024.

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